Inescapable Loneliness- The Stillness of the Wind

Tis a new year and it is a new year of new games. It is weird, though, that the first game that I decide to come back with is quite a depressing one. It took me a long time to detach myself from AC: Valhalla, Division 2 and some other shite AAA games to get …

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Exquisite Free Form Combat- ScourgeBringer

For the longest time I have had ScourgeBringer in my Steam wish list. I never really wanted to buy it because it was looking like I was playing so many rouge-lite games that I was starting to get bored of playing them. It seems as though the style of game that has taken the front …

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Prelude to the Drill- NightWatch

Its mid-October, I got married, still studying for my teachers test that is this Saturday and I played games for a brief moment. I am continuing the trend of spooky games from Puppet Combo. I am fascinated with this group of people because their games have been the only games, in recent time, to honestly …

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